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This page is dedicated to news and information about GAR and Guam as it relates to COVID-19.
A special message from GAR...
Hafa Adai Members!

As we prepare for going back to work on Monday, May 11, 2020, attached are some important forms and disclosures for you to be aware of:
  1. GAR RECOMMENDED PROCEDURES AND SAFE PRACTICES - these recommendations are our guidelines for day to day office operations as well as showings. 
    >Click Here to Read These Recommendations
  2. COVID-19 HOLD HARMLESS AND RELEASE AGREEMENT - These agreements are designed to advise buyers/tenants and sellers/landlords the risks of COVID infection while showing or seeing properties voluntarily and that brokers and agents will be indemnified from liability.  It is highly recommended to be used as these forms are provided to you for your protection.
    >Click Here to Read for Buyers
    >Click Here to Read for Sellers

  3. PROPERTY SHOWING HEALTH DECLARATION DISCLOSURE – highly recommended form to ask important health questions prior to showing property.
    >Click Here to Read the Disclosure
  4. NAR CORONAVIRUS: A GUIDE FOR REALTORS - important and helpful information and additional guides.
    >Click Here to Read the Guide to Realtors
  5. NAR SAMPLE PREPAREDNESS PLAN FOR CIRCUMSTANCES - This is an NAR guide on steps to take should there be a confirmed case of COVID-19.
    >Click Here to Read the Preparedness Plan
    >Click Here to Read the CDC Guidelines

The GAR RECOMMENDED PROCEDURES AND SAFE PRACTICES is a minimum standard list of guidelines and may be subject to change as needed. 

There was a previous version sent to the Governor's Economic relief panel that may differ somewhat from this list. Please use the version that GAR officially provides you as a guide that is attached here as it is the latest version. Your office may have more specific protocols and you may wish to adhere to those in addition to what is provided by GAR. This is your option as long as the safety for agents, staff, clients and the public are priority.  
Further, take the time to prepare your respective offices if you have not done so already. Sanitize where it is needed. Have your plan in place for how many people will be inside using social distancing measures, possible hours of operation and other more detailed safety protocols as you see fit.  

Information will change and GAR will be keeping everyone updated - please refer to our website at as often as necessary or contact GAR Office. While we have been allowed to return to work with limitations, please be mindful that it will not be business as it was before. We must be vigilant with following protocols and other safety requirements to ensure that we contain and maintain the further spread of the COVID-19. It is up to us to continue to be responsible and safe.

Remember, any Governor Order mandates will always supersede the guidelines provided by GAR, as we, the Association, will always endeavor to be compliant of the law.

I thank you all for your time and please let us know if there are any questions you may have.

Clare Delgado
2020 President, Guam Association of REALTORS®


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A special reminder message from our 2020 GAR Board of Directors.
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Community Outreach

Temporary Changes at GAR...

Due to the release of Executive Order NO. 2020-05, the GAR office has been closed since March 20, 2020.

For limited assistance, we are available through email at or, by phone at 477-4271 or 689-4271.

Mail any such documents or payments (check, cashier’s check or money order) to: 424 West O’Brien Drive, Suite 236A Julale Center, Hagatna Guam 96910

Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe everyone!

~ Your GAR Team

Message from NAR

Statement from NAR President Vince Malta

The shocking, senseless death of George Floyd is tragic. Our deepest sympathies are with the Floyd family and other families who understand and feel this pain and grief. Our neighbors in the communities where we work and live across America should feel safe and free from discrimination.

As longtime champions of fair housing, equality and inclusion are among NAR’s most cherished values. NAR is committed to leading the way on policies that address racial injustice and that build safe and inclusive communities. Building the future begins with equal access to housing and opportunity for all.

We appreciate all you do as REALTORS® to listen, learn, and work with others to be a part of the solution. As leaders in your communities, America’s 1.4 million REALTORS® are active participants in promoting equality, inclusion, and acceptance. We welcome your input and thoughts on how we can improve our communities together.


Vince Malta


Videos From GAR
That's Who We R
A special reminder message from our 2020 GAR Board of Directors.
GAR Board Donation to GMH

Here is what’s happening in Guam...
This special bulletin page will show live feeds of releases (JIC) from the Government of Guam. Check back often.
As of Thursday, June 04, 2020
Guam Time is

Governor’s Executive Orders relative to COVID-19
Click links below to view 
Executive Order 2020-16
May 28, 2020
>Relative to allowing additional activities during Pandemic Condition of Readiness (PCOR) 2

Executive Order 2020-15
May 15, 2020
>Relative to the extension of the Disaster Relief Program – Prugråman Salåppe’ Ayudon I Taotao application period to June 12, 2020

Executive Order 2020-14
May 8, 2020
>Relative to the declaration of Pandemic Condition of Readiness (PCOR) 2 on Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 8 a.m.

Executive Order 2020-13
May 05, 2020
>Would take four immediate steps in increasing transparency with the use of federal funds relative to COVID-19.

Executive Order 2020-12
May 05, 2020
>Establishes Prugråman Salåppe’ Ayudon I Taotao, a direct disaster aid program that will be paid for with the Coronavirus Relief Funds authorized under the CARES Act.

Executive Order 2020-11
April 30, 2020
>Relative to the extension of the public health emergency.

Executive Order 2020-10
April 10, 2020
>Relative to additional social isolation measures. Executive Order No. 2020-10 relative to the reservation of road access for essential business and activities in a public health emergency.

Executive Order 2020-09 :
April 5, 2020
>Relative to additional social isolation measures.

Executive Order 2020-08 :
April 5, 2020
>Relative to establishing COVID-19 Response differential pay policy for employees working in support of the public health emergency. 

Executive Order 2020-07 :
March 28, 2020
>Relative to extending the closure of non-essential businesses and facilities to April 13, establishing a moratorium on evictions, clarifying price gouging prohibitions, and providing for telephonic participation in public meetings.

Executive Order 2020-06 :
March 24, 2020
>Relative to the creation of the COVID-19 Unified Response Effort (C.U.R.E.) Action Team and the direct use of health care facilities to provide any and all services necessary to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Executive Order 2020-05 :
March 19, 2020
> Relative to Mandating Social Isolation, Lifting Restrictions on Health Care Licensure, and Clarifying Status of Non-Essential Government of Guam Operations

Executive Order 2020-04 :
March 16, 2020
> Relative to Responding to to Confirmed Cases of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Executive Order 2020-03 :
March 14, 2020
> Relative to Declaring a State of Emergency to Respond to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)